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The business cycle is actually not complicated. But you need the right frameworks to put all that economic data into context. Let us show you how to master the markets!
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  • Learn how the economy drives the behavior of the four liquid asset markets
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  • Understand what the "business cycle" means and how to take advantage of it
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Frank Teixeira, CFA, CMT
Fmr. Portfolio Manager at Wellington Management
"I've always been a vocal proponent of fusion analysis; analyzing the economy and the markets together, rather than separately. Invictus does an excellent job of connecting the dots between the economic fundamentals and the asset markets that reflect them."
Prof. John Stiver
Associate Professor at the University of Notre Dame
"Every economics professor tells their students to read the Wall Street Journal... This is a lot better than the Wall Street Journal."
Brad Tremitiere
Portfolio Manager at Ranch Capital
"The daily video updates are, in my opinion, fantastic. Not only does Mike offer timely information, there is a tremendous educational value as well. As mainly a ‘technical’ guy, I really appreciate the high-quality, fundamental analysis for only $60 per month."
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Who is hosting the Daily Edge?
MIKE SINGLETON, CFA is the Senior Analyst and Founder of Invictus Research, a provider of macro-economic research to institutional and retail clients. Before that, he worked at Broad Run Investment Management, a private investment firm where he was responsible for leading investments of over $100 mm in client capital. Prior to that, he held investment management roles at Main Street Capital and T. Rowe Price. Mike graduated summa cum laude and with departmental honors from the University of Notre Dame, where he studied Finance and Theology. He is a CFA charterholder and a member of the CFA Society of Washington, DC
Who is Invictus Research for?
Anyone who wants to learn about using the business cycle to make money. And just as importantly, how to not lose money in down markets. Our clients run the gamut, from hedge funds to financial planners to individual investors. Our research is not for pikers, blamers, or complainers. It's also not for people looking for comprehensive news coverage. We cover relevant news and provide analysis. That's it.
Why should I try the Daily Edge instead of a newspaper?
Newspapers - even the business section - are a waste of time. Ditch them. Newspapers are 1) backward-looking 2) non-cogent 3) sensational/biased. In contrast, Invictus is 1) forward-looking (although we certain respect backtests), 2) provides repeatable investment framework (the business cycle), and 3) data-driven (never sensational). If you want to curated news/data, like professional investors consumer, you want the Daily Edge. 
What if I'm a bottom-up investor?
Bottom-up investors still need to understand the business cycle. Approximately 70% of the price action for individual stocks is driven by the business cycle (growth/inflation/monetary conditions). You cannot ignore these things and expect to manage risk well. 
I think it's too expensive...
Invictus provides instutional quality research at a fraction of the cost of traditional Wall Street. That said, this is a serious product for serious people. If you're a piker, don't bother with the free trial. 
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